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Star TV Gambia

Star TV Gambia icôneAs a fast thinking business, we carried out surveys. We looked around at what competitors and global players in the same business were doing.“It became obvious that media was no longer just about radio even though it remain important. We realized that digital was becoming big. We also realized that broadcasting was also a profitable avenue for distribution of our content. We then thought long and hard about how we could tap into that. After all, as Star Fm, our competitive edge has always been content creation.“Broadcasting, therefore, became something we got interested in with our plan being to start with radio first and then television. Our plan was to ensure that as Star FM were covered across voice and video.”The group then crafted a five-year strategic plan, which has become the road map for its various investments. That is how Star FM; the group’s first broadcast project was born in 2012.“Our eyes, however, remained fixed on the big prize — television. Three years ago Star tv project starts to take shape”“A lot of work has gone into content creation such that we promise our viewers and advertisers a new experience in television viewing.

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