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SofaScore Editor

  • APP : SofaScore Editor
  • Exigences : Android
  • Éditeur : Home
  • Catégories : Sports

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SofaScore Editor

SofaScore Editor icôneSofaScore Editor enables you to create teams and players for your local amateur and lower leagues.Reach beyond the sports field and make your local league visible in the SofaScore app and on the website. If you’re a part of a sports team or an organization, your results will be live and visible to over 20 million users!Here are some more reasons why you should use it: – reach a global audience by managing football event details such as goals, cards and subs – keep track of the in-depth season stats in real-time – have a complete and detailed season overview of your local teams in one placeAll it takes to use SofaScore Editor are a few simple steps:1) Request access to join the community2) Tell us which leagues you want to manage3) Get approval from our admins4) Become an Editor yourselfRoll with the professionals and bring your league or team to the next level. Download the app and become a SofaScore Editor today!

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