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  • APP : PutMask
  • Exigences : Android
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  • Catégories : Lecteurs et éditeurs vidéo

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PutMask icôneDon't Forget To Put Mask On Your Faces Before Sharing Your Videos.With PutMask, for the first time, you can hide & obscure faces in your smart-phones automatically and manually, with very high efficiency, to protect your privacy and the privacy of others in the media environment.When is PutMask useful?Whenever you need to obscure faces or anything else in any video, PutMask with its unique features will help you.Why is PutMask a unique solution in this field?*High Face Detection Power :PutMask is able to detect any faces, even a small square with dimensions of 10 by 10 pixels and at any angle (full face, half face). This feature is provided to you by PutMask for the first time at smartphone level.*Two-way Video Processing:PutMask can process videos in both directions and detect and obscure the faces that you want, which means that if you command PutMask to hide a face in any frame of your video, From the frame you set, PutMask will start processing video and face detection both in forward and backward direction at the same time (with FPS up to 300), which is also introduced at the smartphone level for the first time by PutMask!*Object Tracking:You can track any motions in a video. The object track process is two-way too and you can monitor the results of tracking while PutMask is tracking your desired object.*Hiding Manually: You can obscure anything if you can chase it with your finger.*Using Key Frame: By specifying keyframes, You can move filters between different keyframes.*Edit Video Based On Frame Number: We show you the number of every frame so you can edit the frames one by one with our tools.*Save The Work You've Done: You can save the information of editingAnd whenever you want to change edits or resume unfinished work, you can recover that information as a project in PutMask.*PutMask Security: "Your security is our top priority" As a result, PutMask stores all information about your work only on your mobile phone, so no information is transferred from your phone. PutMask only needs access to read and write videos on your mobile phone to open and save videos, but with your direct permission.*Free & No Ads: To keep your privacy as secure as possible, using the "main" features of PutMask is free and with No Ads.But you can help us by buying graphic characters in the app. *That's why we have a in-app purchase feature in PutMask*

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