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  • APP : ColorMap
  • Exigences : Android
  • Éditeur : Home
  • Catégories : Voyages et infos locales

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ColorMap icôneWant to create a map of all countries you've travelled to? And another map of countries you wish to visit? Maybe one more map for your next article? Or a map of your own social networking?With ColorMap you can create different maps based on your own purpose. In each one of them you can tag different countries with the colours of your choice: either it's your travel map where you keep track on your visited countries, or a map of your bucket-list and next travel destinations, or simply you want to generate a coloured map where you tag different countries based on a specific topic (politics, history, news, religion,…).ColorMap gives you the possibility to have multiple personalised scratch maps online. As well as improves your geography skills.Highlights:?️ Create as many maps as you want.? Generate your map on a global scale (world map), per continent, and a map of the United states.? Tag each country/state with the colour of your choice.? Share the generated maps on social media or by email.? Display the flags of marked countries and states.? Show statistics about your maps? No user sign up or login required.? App works perfectly offline? No permissions requested.? Simple user interfaceMain features list: – Multiple maps: create multiple maps. For each map you can chose a name and a default colour. – Map of world: in every created map, the App automatically generates world map with the countries you tagged. – Map of continents: Maps of continents of tagged countries are also generated. – Map of USA: USA map can be included, to tag the states with colours of your choice. – Colouring countries: the app provides set of colours you can chose from. – Editing colours: colour of each country can be changed at any time. – Zooming: the generated maps include zoom function. – Sharing: each generated map can be shared in the social media platforms with friends and family. – Edit and delete: maps can be edited and deleted at any time. – Countries and flags: The app also displays the list of chosen countries including their flags. – Statistics are listed for each generated map. ColorMap saves your data locally, and keeps all your coloured maps that you created. You can at any time edit, share or delete your maps. The app works offline and does not require any logging, nor any access to the device hardware.

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