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Zero browser For Facebook

  • APP : Zero browser For Facebook
  • Exigences : Android
  • Éditeur : Home
  • Catégories : Réseaux sociaux

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Zero browser For Facebook

Zero browser For Facebook icôneZero browser is a simple app inspired by the good old phones.It gives you the ability to browse using the simple old java phones which is very light, feature rich and simple to use.Its main goal to target slow, old and low end devices that cant run the normal version easily or at all but still if you have a good device the app will still offers some goods.afar from that the app has some good features too !! :- Ability to save photos/videos to your device.-You can easily switch between modes.-Yes it has ads BUT they will only load when you are using unlimitid data connection so you dont have to worry about data.-Very optimized for low data usage so if you have a limitid or low data this app is the best way to use your data as minimum.-You can easily open what you current browsing in other browser or the official app.-You can easily copy the current link and share with other.-A fav tab to save your desired pages.-Easy to reach navegating bar -TRUE offline mode : when you turn off the chat and login using the zero view your online state will be totaly hide unlike other views or apps that shows it even when using offline mode.AND much more.If you have any bug or idea write it down in the comments.

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