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Yooul icône>>>Yooul is a chic, bold and lit app with the large pool of fascinating and fun people.>>>Yooul allows you to talk to a German or a Mexican without any translator. Explore the culture of Paris the city of love or the history of Rome without buying a flight ticket. >>>Exchange culture, explore food and find friends from all over the world.Befriending awesome foreigners made easier Yooul is the ultimate language translator chat app in 2020, where people across the globe can chat freely and befriend each other. It doesn’t matter where are you from or what’s your language, our best language translator and chatting app will instantly translate the chat into every user's native language.Connect and Mingle Yooul – First advanced global language and culture exchange app, connects you with native speakers of other languages (English, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Canadian, Hindi, Arabic, French, Simple Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, and more), for absolutely FREE!Chat and Buddy up without any language barrierMake friends and chat with other countries' people. Without knowing other’s language, you can’t express your feelings in the right way. Don’t worry, we have got a superb solution! The in-app language translation enables you to express your thoughts and feelings in your words and conveys it to your foreigner friends in their native language.Huge pool of awesome peopleYooul has a huge community of amazing and blithesome people from all around the globe, befriending each other. Joyful and ElectrifyingYooul changes your monotonous and dreary free time to lively and joyful. Sharing your thoughts with the global community has never been so easy. Whatever your mood is you’re looking to share something, simply post a thread in your native language.?? Share thoughts, feelings and life storiesShare your thoughts, feelings and life stories in form of pictures, either with the global audience or to a specific region of your choice. Post interesting and attractive pictures and interact with tons of instant comments and replies from people all over the world. Post frequently to increase your chances of finding an interesting foreigner friend.?Your Privacy Our Priority With our easy and secure sign up, you don’t need to provide any personal sensitive information, thus eliminating the risk of privacy breach. With Yooul, make friends all around the world and exchange culture without any privacy concerns.?View content, make comments and chat in your native languageYooul not only allows you to chat with your foreigner friends in your native language but also allows you to view their posts and their thoughts in your own native language. Just select your country by one click and the whole Homepage will be translated into your native language. Comment on interesting posts in your native language and it will be viewed in the native language of your friends viewing it.Learning from your foreign friendsFulfill your dreams of exploring different cultures and learning different languages from all over the globe. Find partners to exchange beautiful culture and your languages.***** DISTINGUISHED FEATURES*****? Easy Signup – No complex procedure – Very clean layout.? Like & follow, find and befriend people from your dream country at any time.?Share, view, like and comment on the thoughts, feelings and the photos of your new foreigner friends.? Chat, get acquainted and share content with your online friends from the countries you always wanted to visit.✨ Change the homepage posts from our global users into your native language simply with ONE CLICK.?Yooul makes learning a useful or interesting foreign language fun. Learn your target language by chatting with native speakers.Swiftly and effortlessly find new friends from the country you love.?Easiest way to chat privately with fascinating people from all over the world.Find us on Facebook and Instagram Contact us atEmail: [email protected]: www.yooul.com

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