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XPLORA 4&GO icôneXPLORA is the perfect introduction to world of mobile products for kids. You will have all the features your child will need, such as call, location, safe zones and SOS. XPLORA is also compatible with our O2O platform, the worlds first Offline 2 Online Activity platform. * PARENTAL APP – XPLORA is fully set up and controlled through the App on the parents' smartphone.* GPS LOCATION – XPLORA uses a unique blend of GPS, WiFi and Cellular Network to provide the most accurate location information, both indoor and outdoor.* VOICE CALLING – XPLORA can make and receive calls from pre-registered contacts in the app by guardians or parents.* SAFETY ZONES – XPLORA notifies the app automatically when a child enters or leaves a predetermined location. * STEP COUNTER – XPLORA counts your steps and converts them into XCOINS XPLORA is a leading pioneer in offering innovative smart devices and services for families. Our vision is to provide quality services connecting the family members in new ways with more interactions and engagement.XPLORA kids phone service is revolutionizing the way that kids can be introduced to the mobile world in a more safe and secure way. We're partnering with the reliable global telecommunication companies and manufacturers to ensure that our products and services exceed the expectations of our esteemed consumers who care for their loved ones.

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