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Volv icôneVolv is for the curious, yet attention-deficit generationYou want to know what’s up and be that person who can add to any conversation so you subscribe to a bunch of cool newsletters and podcasts. But, you also have 0 time + 0 patience so you just end up with a clogged inbox and guilt.We’re you.Volv captures the zeitgeist of this generation and empowers you to consume the best content on the internet in 9-second reads.Also, if Elon Musk’s latest tweet is shaking up markets, you’ll be covered since all our content is in real-time.Now you can also get insights from some of the best Gen Z voices and field experts like Public.com through their channels on Volv.What you can expect to read on Volv:• PENN, AMC, and other meme stock analysis• Breaking news in real-time• Viral trends on TikTok• Critical political events like the Taliban taking over Afghanistan• Latest crypto updates like why Ether may surpass Bitcoin• Advancement of Web 3• Hype movements like adaptogens, kombucha, CBDIf you like the 9-second bit, you can dive deeper by clicking on ‘Check it out.’ We link out to Tweets, Instagram posts, news articles, and even newsletters so you can get a better understanding of the matter.

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