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Text Free: Call & Text Now

  • APP : Text Free: Call & Text Now
  • Exigences : Android
  • Éditeur : Home
  • Catégories : Réseaux sociaux

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Text Free: Call & Text Now

Text Free: Call & Text Now icôneTextFree is the 2nd phone number app for free texting and free calling app right now. It gives you free text plus a real US phone number so you can text anyone, even if they don’t have the app right now. You can text now with features such as free SMS messaging, group messaging, free MMS picture messaging, international texting & calling, voicemail and more—all for free.☎️ CUSTOM NUMBER SELECTORUnlike Text Me, Text Now, Text Plus, or other apps, TextFree lets you choose your area code and search memorable phone numbers like, “(555) 414-SARA,” simple sequences like “(555) 500-2525,” or combinations that are, “JUST4U.”? UNLIMITED TEXT & PICTURE MESSAGINGText now with unlimited SMS and MMS picture messages for free.? FREE CALLINGApp-to-App calling and any incoming calls are always free. Outbound calling minutes are easy to earn or super cheap to buy. Say, “Hola!” because calls to Mexico are now supported as well.? UNLIMITED MINUTESEnjoy unlimited calling minutes, no ads, reserved number, and more with TextFree Plus.#️⃣ SECOND PHONE NUMBERHaving a real 2nd line means you can call your grandma’s landline, order a pizza, and text now to anyone with a cellphone. It also means free MMS and SMS will work with all your friends.? ADDED PRIVACYProtect your privacy by using TextFree as a 2nd number for dating, craigslist, online forms, and more.?‍?‍?‍? GROUP CHATTINGTextFree is perfect for free group text plus MMS with all your friends. You can create groups, leave groups, add participants and let everyone be part of the conversation with real SMS messages (or free MMS).? TURN ANY DEVICE INTO A PHONENo text plus calling service with a carrier? Don’t need a second phone number? No Problem. TextFree can turn your desktop, tablet or other Android devices into a phone that can send text plus phone call for free. Free texting on all these devices.?THE ORIGINALDon’t settle for apps like textPlus, TextMe, Talkatone, and TextNow when TextFree is the original and best free texting app and 2nd phone number app available.⚖️ LEGAL© 2020 Pinger, Inc. All rights reserved. The TextFree name, associated trademarks, and logos are trademarks of Pinger, Inc. or related entities.

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