Street view: Panorama & Earth Map, Trip Planner icône

Street view: Panorama & Earth Map, Trip Planner

  • APP : Street view: Panorama & Earth Map, Trip Planner
  • Exigences : Android
  • Éditeur : Home
  • Catégories : Plans et navigation

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Street view: Panorama & Earth Map, Trip Planner

Street view: Panorama & Earth Map, Trip Planner icôneStreet view: Trip Planner, Panorama & Earth Map is an ultimate app for navigating a live map, maps street view, Earth map and live satellite view of the earth. Street view: Trip Planner, Panorama & Earth Map provides you with street view and snap map of the earth map and famous places around the globe through google street view. It also has an option to custom search any place on earth map and see live map and the street view 360 and panorama of that place. It also offers live earth map view of that place with panorama and 3D view. Through street view live and satellite map you can enjoy streets and trips on live maps. Street view earth and GPS satellite can take you on a virtual tour of the globe through live street view, panorama & satellite view and navigation Route finder is another exciting feature of this app. Just enter your destination and gps satellite and trip planner will find the best route for you. The route will be executed through maps navigation. It will show you live traffic status on various routes, maps street view, time required by each route to reach your destination and if available the street view live on live maps.Voice navigation is also similar to this module. Here you can speak your destination to the app and it will find best routes to your destination through GPS navigation. Voice navigation while driving is very helpful as it makes you handsfree and also guides you the route with its voice.Live traffic status provides you the information about the traffic condition in your locality or the place of your choice. This helps you to plan your trips according to the traffic condition on your route. This is also very helpful in saving time and planning effectively.Street view: Panorama & Earth Map, Trip Planner also shows your current location on live map. This also shows your address and the position of your latitude and longitude on the earth map. You can also share your address or current location on the map with your friends. The module of tourist attractions in street views gives you the street views of various places by default and gives the option to custom search other places of your choice. In this the virtual tour of whole the planet is at your fingertips. You can see the live view of any place of your choice by just searching it in this navigation app.Top features of the app are as under:• Street views: Provides you different categories like Tourist Attractions, parks, beaches, shopping malls and many more to enjoy street views and panorama satellite view and 3D view of these places.• Explore Countries: Enjoy live street view and earth map of the famous places of the countries of your choice through google street view and gps satellite.• Country info: Update your knowledge about any country across the globe through country info.• My Location: See your current location on map and save or share it with your friends. Also find your current address and latitude/longitude coordinates.• Route finder: Route finder and trip planner helps you plan your trips and find the best and shortest route available to your destination.• Voice Navigation: Voice navigation is an exciting feature of this app and lets you find your destination or location on map by just speaking it.• Traffic status: This feature let you find the status of traffic on your route and plan your trips accordingly.• Nearby places: Looking for something or some place on map. Just open nearby places and find all the places which you are finding nearby you.In short, Street view: Panorama & Earth Map, Trip Planner is the best app to watch street view through google street view on live map and plan your trips. This allows you to take a virtual tour around the globe while sitting on your couch at your home. Please feel free to rate, review and share it with your friends as this encourages us to serve you even better.

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