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Pregnancy Guide App

Pregnancy Guide App icônePREGNANCY GUIDE APP or PREGNANCY APPLICATION is a complete application that provides detailed information for pregnant women, fetuses and pregnancy tips. Pregnancy is a term used for the development of a fetus in a woman's womb.Note : "To avoid the application exiting suddenly, you can Uninstall the old application first, then install the application for the latest version. Thank you"When pregnant there are certainly many new things that will be felt by pregnant women. Therefore the Pregnant Women Guide Application also provides important pregnancy tips including: What can and should not be done during pregnancy, Good food for pregnant women, Foods that should be avoided by pregnant women, Nutrition is important for pregnant women. best sleeping position and others.In addition, you are also usually curious about how the fetal development picture and the process of fetal development every week to week. Pregnancy Guide App is the right choice to guide pregnant women during Pregnancy because there are many features.The following are the features of the Pregnant Mothers Guide Application:► Automatic Pregnancy InformationThe application automatically calculates the gestational age so that the mother does not need to worry anymore to find out how to calculate the gestational age. Information on Maternal Pregnancy and Birth Prediction and fetal weight and length are automatically displayed.► See Fetal Development Information on This WeekThe mother can easily see how the fetus is developing every week. This menu displays general information, pictures, conditions of the mother, fetus and tips during pregnancy.► Text to SpeechPregnancy Guide App also has a text to speech feature, so you don't need to be tired of reading. Just click the voice button and the Pregnancy Guide App will speak for you.► Important Pregnancy TipsThis feature contains a collection of pregnancy related articles including Important Nutrition for Pregnant Women, Tips for Overcoming Nausea during Pregnancy, Good food and foods that should be avoided during pregnancy, Good Sleep Position and Tips for Getting Pregnant Fast.► Yoga and Gymnastics for Pregnant WomenExercise can provide excellent benefits for pregnant women. Especially with exercise can build mood, reduce back pain, more comfortable when sleeping, and most importantly by exercising the mother is expected to be better prepared in the face of childbirth.► Rotating Pregnancy CalendarThis rotating calendar is useful for briefly predicting when to start and when predictions give birth after 9 months and 10 days.► Collection of Baby NamesMother does not need to bother looking for another application to look for good and good names for prospective babies because the Mother's Guide Pregnant application has included in it HUNDREDS OF THOUSAND Baby Names Collection from all over the world with their meanings.You can add the name list to your favorite list. So the names that you choose will be included in your favorites list.If there are contributions, suggestions, opinions, criticisms, Mother, please send us an email: [email protected]. If you like the Pregnant Mother Guide application, help us by giving 5 STARS (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) Ratting on Google Playstore.Thank you, hope that helps.

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