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  • APP : Ownerfy
  • Exigences : Android
  • Éditeur : Home
  • Catégories : Shopping

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Ownerfy icôneOwnerfy is used to create, buy, sell and transfer NFTs. These can be pure digital art, property records you create for your physical goods like paintings and designer shoes or purely digital records like tickets and coupons. Buy, sell and trade these records on OpenSea or any NFT market. NFTs are on the blockchain and impossible to counterfeit. All records can be tracked back to the original creator. Your blockchain records are 100% secured by your digital keys and identity. Digital property records are the worlds most secure way to provide authenticity of goods, prevent counterfeiting and provide proof of ownership.• Create an inventory of your personal and business NFTs• See, manage, receive, and sell NFTs to your wallet from any other NFT source • Buy or sell and share with people around the world on OpenSea• Transfer the information about items to the buyer on sale to preserve the history and information about an item• Validate authentic merchandise by checking that it came from a verified sourceSupports pure digital assets like:• OpenSea• MLB Digital Collectibles• Enjin Assets• CryptoKitties• BasketBall Digital Collectibles• MyCryptoHeros• Decentraland• 0xUniverse• and many many more…Supports Opensea ERC721 or ERC1155 Digital assets.You own your private keys. You own your assets.Now with MintingYou may now mint ERC1155 (Upgraded ERC721) Digital Asset and trade on OpenSea• Mint tokens for your Physical Artwork, • Mint collectibles,• Mint tickets or coupons for your business that are impossible to counterfeit or forgeAll minted tokens are 100% secure on the Ethereum main chain. They cannot be duplicated or forged. Tokens minted by your address are unique in all the world and can only be created by you and you alone.RC Market is Formerly Receiptchain MarketSupports Ethereum, Bitcoin and more

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